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More Than You Know

More Than You Know was recorded with the help of Andrew Beck @ Damien Gerard Studios on the Central Coast. It was just the two of us, over four days, getting these songs to the point where I felt they had gotten the maximum out of the most minimal production. So thank you to Andy, Jay and Marshal for their expertise and hospitality. All songs and instruments sung by me Michael Peter and everything was engineered, mixed and mastered by Andrew Beck.

Ask Me - the story behind it...

Out of all the songs that I have written, this is one is my favourite, I just
knew it once Ask Me was finished that I hadn't written a better one.
Funnily It all started at the end of the song. The lyric "I want you to ask me to have and to hold you" came first.
It was a deliberate and useful song, I used it for a proposal with twist I would put it on her to ask me. The song was used in a real moment and i filmed it all. My fiance didn't expect a thing because it was our one year anniversary of being together where i suggested we read a poem to each other and film it. She wrote a little something sweet and we filmed in the national park near Frazer Beach. One of the lines she wrote included the phrase "more than you know" which i then stole for the name of the album. 
The song I had recorded earlier and secretly late at night in the lounge room while she was sleeping unfolded over my portable speaker that i had hidden with signs I made to show in time with the lyrics of the song (so she could miss what was happening) So as i stood with the engagement ring in my hand the song finished and she said...
"Will you marry me?"
and I said yes!

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