give them your heart in a tune

So, why choose a Custom Made Song?
It’s unique, timeless, creative, environmentally friendly, musical, highly personal and it’s perfect for that someone that leaves you stumped for new gift ideas.

A Custom Made Song can be deep, full of memories, lovingly romantic or sprinkled with some light-hearted in-jokes that will make you both laugh and smile.

At Custom Made Songs by Michael Peter Music I compose, record and produce a personalised song after spending time listening to your story and your reasons for wanting to put your heart in a tune. Inspired by you, I'll then create a one of a kind original song with top quality production value layered with multiple instruments that suits the style of music you like.
It’s a gift that you can keep, listen to & love forever, composed and recorded with over 20 years of my musical experience as a songwriter, lyricist, recording artist and performer.

Please get in touch for a chat and you may just feel like getting the simple, thoughtful, fun process underway to create your very own ‘Custom Made Song’.

I guarantee that you will love the result!