Custom Made Songs

An original and personalised song
especially written and recorded for you.

Why choose a Custom Made Song?
It’s unique, timeless and creative. You can keep it, listen to it and love it forever. It’s perfect for someone that deserves a special gift, or for an occasion that should have its own anthem.
Depending on what you want, a Custom Made Song can be deep, tell a personal story, provoke special memories or make new memories. It can be lovingly romantic or sprinkled with some light-hearted in-jokes that will make those in the know laugh, smile or even shed a few tears.

How does it work?
Simply fill out the questionnaire, listing who the song is for, their relationship to you, what music style you want and what the tone of the song should be. It can be funny and light, deep and emotional or anywhere in between.
List some of the recipients personality traits and interests, tell some personal stories, share some memories and include anything else you want in the lyrics.
Next I will compose, record and produce a personalised song and deliver it via email as an MP3. I will also provide you with the lyrics as a word document to print out. If you prefer, it can also be sent as a CD or on a USB flash drive.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?
$450 - Solo performance - A stripped back, acoustic-style song that can be completed in about 2 weeks.
$1250 - Full band - A layered, full production with multiple instruments (e.g. drums, bass, piano, guitars and backing vocals) that suits the style of music you want, and brings the song completely to life. This option  can be completed in about 4 weeks.

Will it be any good?
I guarantee that you will love the result!
Composed and recorded by me, an industry professional with over 20 years experience as a songwriter, lyricist, recording artist and performer, you are in safe hands. Be sure to check out the video examples and  testimonials from happy customers below!


Grant & Bec's Anniversary
Grant & Bec's Anniversary
Jason & Natalie's Wedding Dance

Grant wanted a song for a ten year anniversary that would both suit their sense of humour and also honour their family. He specifically requested something about farts making an appearance.
Most of the references in the song are family in-jokes right down to the title, "Napkins".

This Custom Made Song was written for the first dance at a wedding.
Musical styles preferred were U2 and The Tea Party.
Both the bride and groom were involved in the process of creating the song, sharing their memories and feelings about each other.
They then kept it as a surprise for themselves and their guests until the dance.