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Custom Made Songs -
I offer a service where I create a personalised song.
I have written and recorded a diverse range of custom songs for an 80th birthday celebration, a 30th birthday, a 21st birthday, a ten year anniversary, a first dance at a wedding, a marriage proposal and more. Each song was unique, very personal and the people receiving and giving them were blown away by the magical musical moment that was created and will always remain close to the hearts of everyone involved.
Please get in touch with me if your very own song is something that you would like to order or know more about. Prices start at $450.

2019-08-13 09.04.47.JPG

Grant wanted a song for a ten year anniversary that would both suit their sense of humour and also honour their family. He specifically requested something about farts making an appearance.
Most of the references in the song are family in-jokes right down to the title, "Napkins".
Grant has told me he has since listened to it dozens of times and it still brings a smile to his face.

This song was written for the first dance at Jason and Natalie's wedding.
Their favourite bands are U2 and The Tea Party so I added some of that inspiration into the production.
They kept their answers secret from each otheras they shared their memories and feelings about each other.
They then kept the song as a surprise for themselves and their guests until the actual dance at the reception.

When Tilly turned 30 years old her family got together to share with me their impressions and funny stories about her. It turned in to quite a revealing a loving song that i surprised her with by playing live at her birthday party. There were happy tears and laughter all round.

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