professional entertainment

professional entertainment

Michael Peter – Solo / Acoustic
This show is a mixture of songs from The Beatles,

Cat Stevens, Otis Redding, Neil Young and other 'crowd pleasers' all performed in my own unique way, accompanied by a stomp box triggered by my right foot and an egg shaker strapped to my left, an array of effects pedals and loop station.

The Unexpected Duo – Michael Peter & Paul Eagle

Two acoustic singer songwriters backing each other up with percussion and harmony’s. A real mixed bag of songs performed in a way that is unique toThe Unexpected Duo.Paul Eagle brings a folk / country and finger picking element to the stage and implements his friendly vocal tones when singing songs by Johnny Cash, The Church, Ryan Adams & Bob Dylan as well as offering his extremely well crafted and sublimely melodic original songs. When Paul isn’t handling the lead vocal and guitar duties he is backing me up with some of the coolest Djembe playing around, exploring the rhythmic and vocal tangents that can happen between acoustic guitar, wild percussion and two strong voices.

Michael Peter – Band

This dynamic show can adapt to the size of the stage, and the energy of the crowd. Quality session musicians from Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle join with me to re-create some of the best songs ever written. Depending on suitability and availability, this line up includes drums, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, saxophone, flute, percussion and layers of backing vocals.In front of all that amazing musicianship will be me, a very happy singer songwriter leading it with an acoustic guitar and a seasoned voice.

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