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I respect where you’re coming from
Blessed be diversity
May love be in your heart forever
And may all children live in peace

This song is not the answer
This song is not a prayer
But this song can bring us together
The rest is in our hands

I wish no harm on you my brother
I wish no harm on you my sister
I wish no harm on you whatever you believe
And may all children live in peace

I wish no harm on you my brother
I wish no harm on you my sister
May love be in your heart forever whatever, whatever you believe
And may all children live in peace


My Favourite

My favourite laughs out loud she really understands me
And I love all that surrounds her she makes life better constantly

She says don’t worry so much about trying to fit into a box
No one could ever imitate
No one could ever take her place

Adorable a heart of gold compassionate and loving oh
A kindness a sympathy she donates so easily

And I’m talking to my bestest friend in the entire world
And I’m telling her she’s beautiful


Shop Around

Massive stores with the balls to shove it in my face everything I’m not looking for
Cause I don’t want that, and I don’t need that and I definitely don’t want any of that crap
I’m here to spend my gift voucher and then leave
I’m not about to be enchanted by a magazine dream
Please don’t try to sell me something, just give me something real
Please don’t try to shock me in just give me what you feel

I can see it’s not me when I go into the city to buy a few CDs and see
Them selling colour and amusement different tools they use to get into it –
Your pocket!
It’s a full-blown economy of saving all the want to be accepted and included
I must seem so deluded to not be charmed but quite alarmed
By the gauntlet of dressed up employees waiting to spray their perfume on me
Well… not me, I think they saw my hippy beanie when I walked through the door and went for someone else
It just seemed like a disease – please! Come here! Consume from me!
It was all over rated and all over stated and all very ugly to me
Especially the face of plastic surgery so caught up in vanity it looked like she was trying to be the glossy wall behind her

Needless to say I didn’t stay to shop around


Heads Up

I’m gonna be digging up a smile
I’m gonna be earthing up my hands
I’ll be gazing at the moon
And doing all I can

I’m gonna be eyeing off the stars
Sailing through the sky
Passing me a note
I am right by your side

But however it comes I know it’s open handed love
Wherever it lives I’m captivated by it
I’m captivated by your love

The love I see in all things, in everything, I know nothing

But I’m gonna be sitting in the sun
Warming up my skin
Lovin on my wife
And picking up my kin

I’m gonna be opening my ears
To listen to your song
I’ll be working very hard
To try and sing along

Here’s a heads up for love, it’s come and it’s coming
It’s here and it’s nothing


Feminine Skin

I stood watching as marriage slipped from her fingers a third and painful time
As she desperately tried to pull it together he’d light up and leave her behind
Wasted whenever he wasn’t asleep
Trying to block out what he wanted to be
And she thought what if I started to smoke

Just to be close
Just to be closer to him
To a man within a feminine skin

And I started laughing at thought of what he would be wearing then I looked her way to see
If she was ok with her husband this way she said yes but how could she have been
Cause she is as pretty as a girl can become
And he would dress up but on heavier drugs
And she tried to put it all aside and cope

Just to be close
Just to be closer it seems
To a man born with more feminine jeans

But he spent more then he ever should
On drugs that took him to a place where he could strip off the layers of masculine social repour
And become the person he always denied
Leaving the six foot two muscle behind
Until one night she said I can’t take this no more

She couldn’t be close
She couldn’t be closer to him
And she cried for a long time missing the love he could give

That man within a feminine skin


The Story

Fresh water trickles down a red rock onto beach that I have found
Where a family lived a hundred years ago
Fresh water trickles down a red rock onto a beach far from town
Where a family lived a hundred years ago

And I don’t know their names
No one knows their names
But I know I heard their silences today

So who’s going to tell that story?
And are you going to listen
When the hatred stops
Look at what is lost
No one’s left around to tell the story

I know a part of them still remain

Death was done
No respect given
They came back with more
Fired gun
No respect given
They left behind only the small

Are you going to tell that story?
Are you going to listen?

Put your feet on that ground she’ll tell you the story



[he says]
Oh baby come on don’t do this to me now
I’m trying harder
I’m trying but I’m running out of patience for ya
I’ll knock this bedroom door down

I’m a spider and I’m crawling down
Right behind ya
Take a look around

[she says]
Oh baby come on don’t do this to me please
I’m not asking you I’m begging you to leave
Just leave
I’ve got a weapon
I’ll use it if I need to

No more chances



Three women in a cave
Beating back an early grave
All in their own way
Staring out they do not shout
They barely talk at all anymore

Will anything be enough to heal these little cuts?
After a while they all add up and make it hypersensitive to touch

United by a mothers call
They don’t see their fathers much at all
It doesn’t bring them closer
And I run away from your mistakes to crash into my own

Some may see a broken home
But I never felt broken


Golden Handcuffs

Black and white
Dusty mile
Hardened hands
Hardened smile

Once you’re in you’re here for life
Flying cries through the night

What I’ve seen
Where I’ve been has had its own affect on me
Maybe for the good, maybe for the better
But in rough lands I’ve known care like a family offering up shelter

Love is not dead
It’s just a little buried
Underneath hunting sticks and tattooed skin

Slower pace lots of time
But only when the working mine has had its way with your time
Slower pace lots of time for you

Two loving arms will surely wrap their charm around you

Made from many different things
And Iron ore
These golden handcuffs will bring them back again for more

Giant rocks
Empty cans
Blistered lips
Smokey air


Naughty Thing

You’re a naughty thing
You know what you bring to my body with your bedroom eyes
Oh baby there is no disguising what your loving does
When it’s just the two of us
Searching every honesty
Exploring and uncovering

And I love to hear the sound
Every time you come around
And I love that look on your face
Yeah nothing beats the love that we make

You’re a naughty thing
You know what you bring
And you’re well aware what you trigger with your stare
And your dirty looks
Makes my dirty mind


A Little More

Isn’t it worth a little more?
Isn’t it worth a little more now?
Then all these words you’re giving
When’s your time for living a little more

When you gonna give it back now?

Time to try a little more
Make your move and know where you stand
I’m all for the healing
Take this sorrowed feeling and take it all forever more

When you gonna give it back now?
Go ahead and give it back now
Give it all back now

Cause isn’t it worth a little more?


Monsters To A Child

Shaking with intensity
This situation piercing me
Like a cold, cold wind
Ice under my skin

How’ve you been living with the weight of everything you did?
Must have been hard to see the light
Coloured in down again
Praying for the war to end
Must have been monsters to a child

I sit and stare shivering
His voice starts whispering
He says
“I have killed, years have past it haunts me still.
But I will not apologise my eyes are not water tight and I’m too old to be ashamed of my life”




Balance Beam

I think I’ve had this feeling before
The sun dries up the mud after a downpour
Like the summer blowing through the breeze
Like knowing what it feels to be free

(Welcome to) Welcome to the rest of our life
(So Alive) Yeah I’m feeling so alive
(By My Side) Got my reasons got my soul tight
Real close, right by my side

And I don’t think it’s one single thing I can put my finger on
Like a real sense of what to achieve
Like the pressure shifting in our favour
Like strolling strait across a balance beam


Narrogin Blues

I have many different shades but today I’m Blue
I have been every colour but today I’m blue
You know I used to run this place but those days are through

I have played in different games but this one is done
I have played every game but this one is done
You know I used to believe my darling that I was the only one

All my days are numbered and my youth is gone
I sat around disappointed now I got to get to moving on

You better believe me I have all I need to make this work for me

I used to believe in luck but those days are through
I used to always wait but those days are through
Now I know if you want to be something baby you’ve got to make that shit come true


Life Long Friend

We were only 21 but we knew we were so in love it was always so much more fun when it was the two of us
I kissed you in the setting sun, I knew you were the one
I was drawn into your lips the first night that we kissed
We fell in love when we were 21

Then when we were 23 I asked you if you’d marry me you cried so much held onto me I started thinking that maybe
She’s upset and then you pulled back and you looked and me
You nodded with a smile that was showing all your teeth
And you said yes when we were 23

We were not long 35 our little bundle of joy arrived remember how hard we’d tried oh but wasn’t she worth the time
It was late at night on the 14th of July
Our daughter had arrived what a beautiful surprise
A baby girl when we were 35

We got the news at 54 it knocked us both down to the floor when the doc told me the score but life was good and I wanted more
So I fought and fought and fought and fought and fought and fought
And you stayed so strong and stood right by me through it all
But we made it through when we were 54

Back when we were 83 I could still climb up a tree so footloose and fancy free and closer then we’d ever been
And as far as I could see the world was still a mystery
But I knew that you were still as beautiful to me
As the day we met when we were 83

We reached the age of 99 and still together you and I it felt a bit like over time so many things we hadn’t tried
We headed for the mountain held our hands and closed our eyes
We opened them and saw each other on the other side
What a sight when we were 99

And now I want to share your side even in the after life when we come back for another try I’ll gladly spend the next life time
Searching for your soul so that I can spend
Another 99 years with my life long friend
With you my life long friend


She & Him

Magic dances in the hearts of ones that are in love, in love
They have timing and allowances to shine upon their flowered one
And i wish i could say this was my own 

Pardon me dear sir please excuse me sir as i sing, as i sing
But i saw you playing on them weathered heart strings
And i wish i could say they were not my own  

Some things are better left unsaid
Some trails are better if they go dead
Some loves are better left alone
Some roads are better walked on your own 

Nothing else remains in my midnight air only you and your song
Like a buried man In forbidden sand I am sinking I can not stop
And i wish i could breathe on my own 

If i let you in can i keep your hat if only for a night on the stand by the door
I will take what i can get, I'll pretend i need, no more, I have it all
And i wish you could breathe me alone
but you are not, you are not my own  

Some things are better left unsaid
Some trails are better if they go dead
Some loves are better left alone
Some roads are better walked on your own 

Laying naked in the sun
We could be the lucky ones
But your ashamed of everything i bring you 
And you think you'll loose the lot
So roll the dice and take a shot
Because you’re chained to every note i sing you 

I can not hide you from my life, I have said goodbye, to lay only at your side
I recall it all the time i will not forget that night, I'm carrying inside
And i wish…
And I wish…  
And i pray…
It could be your…
It was my…



We were on the same side
We were on the same team
We were on the same page
You and me like Symmetry

Maybe you see the best side of me
Maybe you don’t want to look around
Maybe one day my life’s gonna change
But for the moment I’m just dragging you down

It’s that ugly part of me I want to keep to myself
It’s enough it shackles me I don’t want it hurting any body else

Mr Sparks on the tap shoes…

Skin On Skin

You and me
Don’t ever want to leave

Skin on skin
I always want to be
Just together
Come on and lay with me forever

Bless your soul
You’re so damn beautiful
Kiss your lips
The hottest kisser in
The universe for me
You really know how to please

The first time I spent the night
(flying high that night)
The moon lit up with the other signs
(moon lit up the sky)
And in the morning when we woke we had fruit on toast
(shining signs, bright lights)
And I don’t mean to boast but it sure was good to feel close
(My boy with blue eyes)

All our time locked up far away
From the world
That’s our big escape
Just together
Come on and lay with me forever

The first time I spent the night
(flying high that night)
The moon fell in line with the other signs
(moon lit up the sky)
Green lights, blues eyes
(shining signs, bright lights)
The right timing


She Has Moved On            

It’s like waiting for the world to end
Or feeling like I’m holding my breath
I go under and I’m taken by a deep and distant sea

Sadness settles down here
In the lush new green surrounds near
The highway a little inland a quiet place to morn

And I watch as they start to arrive to formerly face goodbye
To a wonderful part of our lives and
Now she has moved on

Noises paint the background
Of birds and young kids running round
To them nothing is different life is not on pause

But Someday I’ll see you again



You retaining water
Me restraining ghosts
They take position leisurely upon a sinking boat
Anger dresses up
Silk coat hat and tie
Pulling faces like a clown he tips his hat and hides

Are we almost there yet?
The youngest calls ahead
He gets no answer for his call he’s sick of being fed this

Hope is asleep resting restlessly

Walk the tightrope higher
Take it nice and slow
Pieces move across the board everybody knows
9 times out of 10
8 times out of 9
Deflated and inflated and just running out of time

Are we almost there yet?
The youngest calls ahead
He gets no answer for his call he’s sick of being fed this shit



What if I told you I heard voices in my head?
When the moon is lit up and the streets are dead
Does it make you think twice about being my friend?
If I said there were voices in my head

You would back away I know you can’t stay
It’s been too long under the water for you
You are a submarine in the busy street
You can’t afford to listen to me

There are no voices in your head
They are well and truly dead
The fish are snacking on their scraps
The flood came through all your little cracks

Battleships all around
Submarines all around

I’m unstable but where is the stability?
Here is a prescription to adjust you to hostility
This is well adjusted here is the norm
Come and join the line you wont hear those voices anymore

But I like the voices in my head
They tell me something’s wrong with this bread
Cause It’s only feeding bellies that are full
And why are your eyes all covered with wool?


Last Drinks Bell

They started ringing that old familiar last drinks bell
But I swear I could have kept drinking half my way to hell
I was nowhere near going home
I didn’t want to be all alone
You wouldn’t be there so I headed down the road

Looking for a place that I could pull a smash and grab
I was so fired up I wanted to hurt myself real bad
I found myself outside a shop
Next to an empty parking lot
And in a drunken haze I gave it a shot

I smashed through window put my foot right through the door
I didn’t know what to do next I’d never done anything like this before
I made my way inside
Thinking what am I doing here have I lost my mind?
The alarm went off so I stuck around for the fight

Make your move go on and try
With your big old guns yeah I’m gonna make you fire
I’m not afraid I’m too dam high
Yeah I’m so damn high I’m gonna start a riot

If you get me down you better keep me restrained
Cause I’ve got nothing to loose and I’ve got nothing to gain
Come on and shoot me down I wanna feel the pain
Yeah anything’s better then this one i can’t erase

Bang, bang there goes that gun shot
Oh I’m down these boys they don’t play around

Waking up, white sheets and a needle in my arm
Head throbbing, bloodshot eyes I’d fallen down hard
Oh good your awake said a voice from the dark
I said my friend can you help me I’m falling apart
She came a little closer and put her hand on my heart

As clear as day I swear I saw her standing right there
In a long blue dress and those braids of hers in her hair
She said honey I’m sorry I can’t be here anymore
But you gotta pull yourself together pick yourself up off the floor
She said you know I’m ok cause there’s so, so much more

I tried to say I should have been there for you that night
But it must have been what they had me on, I could barely keep her in my sight
She kissed me on my cheek and she said goodnight
And for a while I just stared deep into her eyes
And as I fell asleep I got to say goodbye


Last I Heard

Last I heard he’d moved to the city to try to make his way
I don’t know if he will ever be back again
He’s gone to make a name, big dreams, insane
I don’t think he drinks anymore 
And the drugs, well the drugs I’m not too sure

Last I heard he’d had some good old times
But he lost all his money and got himself into a couple of fights
Yeah and I heard he’d got down pretty low
Started hocking off some of the stuff he owned and he couldn’t get it back again

Last I heard that kid got an awful scare
Tried to make it on his own but he didn’t last a week out there
Well I guess he learnt a lesson to speak his mind
And his so-called friends weren’t very kind
Yeah they shut him out cold

Last I heard he’d given everything away
His job and his home cause all he wants to do is play
Yeah and I heard he aint doing too damn bad
He’s playing in the city with a couple of bands getting paid to play the drums

Last I heard he’d settled down with a wife
As best you can I guess when you live that life
Cause there’s still times when he’s up all night
Writing down songs till the morning light
But he loves them, he still loves them all


Letting out the synchronised

Dancing for you
Feeling the warmth of my mind
Energy vibes
Picking up sounds that are on there way to the inside 

And it’s onto another one pulled to the end of the line
Where a mixture of rhythm and intuition apply
And it’s all feeling right
And it’s all feeling fine
Letting out the Synchronized 

Energy vibes
Over inside under between the vibes
A tribal state
Beneath the waves a constant crave



Chewing on razor blades to feel something else
Cause I swear it’s the worst thing that I’ve ever felt
Distract me distract me from thinking of her
And stop me remembering the way that we were 

Oh God have I lost the girl of my dreams
It’s easy to say it’s all meant to be 
But right now I don’t know what anything means
So fill me with something so I’m not so empty  

Left me with questions like where should I go 
Left me with answers I already know
It seems so extreme this need to react
But I think you’ve been fucking him behind my back 

My sacred will create it if I take it there 

Take in the water reflecting the all of my
Take in the water accepting more of my
Take down the border rejecting the all of my self  

Oh God have I lost the girl of my dreams
It’s easy to say it’s all meant to be 
But right now I don’t know what anything means
So fill me with something so I’m not so empty


Hit Like It Hurt

So it’s come to this
I’m not sure where that is
But its time to lay it to rest
It was good while it lasted 

Hit like it hurt I hit the floor
Hit like it hurt I hit the floor
For along time I went along for the ride now I see from the other side
Hit like it hurt I hit the floor 

I woke up
After sleeping through so much
Realized I was a fool was so young 
Felt so distant from all I had done 

Give me some time to re-align myself to let go



With my soul I’m now writing and I’m trying to express something timeless
something inside that dances with the endless



It was something in the words of the song that came on as I drove along that
spoke to me and I knew something 

Realise real eyes see something real
Realise real eyes see something more
Realise real eyes see everything
And talk about my breath being taken away 

And all I wanted to do was smile cry and say thank you
And all I wanted to do was smile at your style and say thank you 
Lets not leave it so long between drinks next time 
I’ll try harder to remember that now that I realise 

It was something
It was everything




Paper Planes

Paper planes are here to take me flying
I need a little time to work it out
Cause I don’t want to take off just to land again
Without the chance to see what it’s about

Maybe it’s a way to keep me on my knees
So I don’t just fall away so easy
Maybe it’s a way to keep me on my knees
So I don’t just fall away so easy

Who knows I just know I can not stop now
Looking back I see I’ve come so far
Bring me something bring me some sort of your light
To flash while I’m walking though the dark 



Hearts on my sleeve
I feel so at ease
Thankful and free
Then suddenly it hits me

And I know there’s a lot of stuff
To make it all messed up
But I’m sure once all is said and done 
The one thing I can always trust
And count upon is kindness 

You bring my life
Sense at a time when I
Cant see so clear 
I just reach out and you’re here 

And I know there’s a lot of stuff
To make it all messed up
But I’m sure once all is said and done 
The one thing I can always trust
And count upon is kindness

And this I offer you my love

And I know there’s a lot of stuff
To make it all messed up
But I’m sure once all is said and done 
The one thing I can always trust
And count upon is kindness 


Twenty Five

I was hoping for some kind of new ground breaking stance
To protrude into the stillness that coats over this advance
But no magic has arrived
None that makes me feel remotely different on the inside

Where am I now
I’m slowing down
Another day
Just a simple day
With the added age
That I can’t seem to shake 

I don’t care about the things I used to anymore
Although I clearly see behind me what’s ahead I’m not to sure
I’m floating in mid air
Slowly gaining what I’m gonna need to take me there 


All Over My Parade

I understand now I’m naïve. I understand how much there is to know. 
And it’s so easy to be afraid of what you don’t know
And it’s coming down like rain all over my parade 


Remember Love

Cheer up boy don’t let it get you down
I know it feels out of hand
I know it weighs you down
Don’t look at what you’ve lost
Look at what you’ve found
Cheer up boy don’t let it get you down 

Remember Love
Love is there 
Remember Love
Love is everywhere
No matter how far you fall behind
Love is gonna be there every time 
Love is gonna be there

Cheer up boy today’s another day
You’re doing your head in thinking everyone needs to be saved
You self-destruct
When you fear there’s not enough
Cheer up boy your time will come

You forgot to spend some time on yourself
Got too caught up trying to be someone else

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